Dive sites

Moon Pool – Shore Dive (8 to18 meters)
A giant stride into the top of a cave that looks like a small swimming pool, once into the “Moon Pool” there is a spectacular short swim through into the ocean. The aquatic life at this site consists of Scorpion fish, Arrow crabs, Moray Eels and Lizard fish. The amazing part of the dive is when the sun beams down through the holes of the cave roof into the pool giving some of the best photo opportunities in south Tenerife.


Yellow Mountain – Shore Dive (2-18 meters)
Yellow Mountain dive site has earned its name due to the golden coloured stone mountain that is located next to the dive site. The dive site is a Marine Reserve, this means fishing has been restricted and there is also a control of sea urchins.
Under the water there are is a huge array of fantastic rock formations one of which forms a horizontal swim through which leads out to the seabed. Here you can see a wide variety of life such as Rays, Roncadores, Octopus, Moray Eels and Angel Sharks (At the right time of year).

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Tabaiba Wreck – Shore Dive (18-30 Meters)
This dive is a must for wreck lovers, its easy entry with a short swim to the Tabaiba wreck that lies at 30 meters. This wreck is a tug boat that is intact and can be penetrated providing you have the correct qualification. There is plenty of marine life here ranging from Octopus, Atlantic Damsels and the Stingrays. This dive site is a great dive site to conduct the PADI Wreck Speciality and the PADI Deep Dive speciality.

El Puertito – Shore Dive (5-14 Meters)
A Great dive site for all level of divers and great for total beginners, this dive site is home to a family of 8 Green Back Turtles. They are very friendly and very often come to investigate and interact with divers. You may also see Angel Shark, Trumpet Fish, Butterfly Ray and Moray Eels/.

Tenerife Dive Site El Puertito Tenerife Dive Site Turtle

Abades Beach – Shore Dive (3-15 Meters)
This site is ideal for beginners and newly qualified divers, an idyllic setting and a tranquil beach lending itself to a nice gentle slopping bottom. This site offers abundant of marine life Angel Sharks and Rays, Damsels and Moray Eels.

Tenerife Dive Site Abades 2 Tenerife Dive Site Abades

Black Cove – Shore Dive (2-18 Meters)
A small secluded cove surrounded by black rock a well know site in Tenerife.
This site has a nice walk in entry you then descend to around 4 meters and swim along the reef. There are plenty of fascinating rock formations to see as well as lots of aquatic life Octopus, Damsels, Eel garden, Sting rays to name a few.

Tenerife Dive Site Black Cove